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Nutella is just like any other girl at her age. She goes to university everyday, but she is more interested in the boys than in classes. At the weekends she likes to go out with her friends, she loves dancing and often go to clubs. She used to be the type of innocent girl that dreams a lot with the perfect man but she got tired of waiting and decided to lose her virginity by the time she was 20.

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Sweet girls, sweet foodstuffs and sweet kissing, this is the way Nutella and her friends imagine a great party. Dressed like young stylish sluts and pulling similar faces, the girls indulged in treating themselves to some fruit and candy plus hot girl-on-girl kissing. See what happens next!

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Did you know Nutella has a boyfriend? Immediately after the handsome stud arrives, the sweet couple start having fun on the bed. Nutella pretends to be reading a newspaper, though in fact the only thing in her mind is the excitement of a sex act to happen

Nutella and her boyfriend shared a sweet moment while they had a little picnic on the floor. She fed him the bread and he kissed her sweet lips. Soon after, he began to fondle her perky young titties and slowly removed her shirt... Wanna see the Videos?

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You just leave them girls for a minute alone in the room, and the next thing you see is an orgy, not less! At first they are too shy to start playing right away on that table - but as soon as the heat between them builds up, nothing can stop Nutella and her two passion companions!

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